Why you might want to avoid a cow print wall in your home

I am not a huge fan of cow prints, especially when it comes to wall decor.

While they are great for a splash of color and texture, they are a bit too subtle for my taste.

And, of course, they’re also a little intimidating for the average home owner.

In my opinion, a cow prints wall is a bit of a missed opportunity for this house.

If I have a cow on the wall, I would have to make the best of a bad situation. 

But when it came to a print of my own, I decided to make one for myself.

I figured, why not?

I’m an avid photographer, and my mother was a huge collector of prints.

I thought it would be a great way to celebrate her birthday, or maybe I could use the print as an easel. 

A few weeks after I made the print, I was contacted by a photographer friend of mine who wanted to do a print for his house.

The idea of a print made from a cow, though, was not what I had in mind.

What I was looking for was a print that would be really cute.

So, I got the idea to make a cow.

After a lot of research, I settled on the size of the print and the materials.

I had to make sure that the prints would be suitable for the wall and I wanted them to be very soft and easy to peel.

I also wanted to make them as thin as possible to avoid the cow prints from being too big. 

I started by tracing out the shape of the cow.

I wanted to have a very minimalistic print.

I found that a standard photo paper that would make a nice print would have a lot more ink and would not give the same softness.

I chose to use a 100% cotton-blend paper, but a soft, glossy, black-and-white type of paper would work as well.

I then traced out the details on the cow print using a chalkboard. 

Then I carefully painted it.

I used a clear spray paint to coat the edges of the paper.

I sprayed a little on the edges to make it easier to peel, then sprayed the entire thing with a spray of clear spray lacquer. 

The last step was to add a little water.

To get a soft and smooth surface, I spray painted the entire surface of the wall with a clear clear liquid paint.

I painted the edges with a few thin layers of clear liquid lacquer to give it a really subtle look. 

After that, I went over the print with a drybrush. 

Once the paint was dry, I used my fingers to trace the outline of the photo.

After I traced out each point of the line, I traced a thin line of the ink across the paper, then painted over the ink.

Then I sprayed on a few coats of clear lacquer, using a few layers to give the print a subtle look and feel. 

When it was dry and all painted, I filled in the entire print with clear acrylic paint. 

This was a bit tricky.

The clear paint didn’t stay on the print for long enough to get a good feel for how it would look in the wall.

I think the biggest problem I ran into was that the clear paint had to be wiped down with a very fine brush to get it to stay put. 

To get a solid look, I did a second coat of clear acrylic over the entire area of the image, and then used a thin coat of gloss lacquer over the whole area of clear paint.

Finally, I sprayed another coat of paint on top of the gloss lacquers. 

Now that I had the print finished, I made a few modifications.

I did some extra work to the print.

First, I added some white paint to the back side of the picture to give a little bit of contrast to the clear print. 

Next, I painted over a little of the clear line on the back of the original photo to make things look a little more like a print.

And last, I sanded the whole thing down a little to make some fine details. 

As a final touch, I glued a little sticker on the front of the piece, but left it as is. 

For the print I was making, I chose a black and white print that I thought would be easy to pull off the wall using the same method I used for the original print.

For the print on the other side, I picked a yellow print that looked really nice and that I felt would work well as an “anniversary” print.

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