Which football player has the best ‘favors’ for Instagram?

When it comes to social media, Italian footballers are a great source of inspiration for young people.

The young players are inspired by the love for the game and their favourite players on the pitch.

This passion can lead to a huge following on Instagram.

This is because the young players share their favorite players and they also have their own videos and pictures.

This can lead the young player to become very famous on the social media platform.

As a result, many young players have become Instagram celebrities.

In this article we’ll look at the best football players who have had the best “favours” for Instagram.

They have been chosen by us to be the best in the world in each category.

We’ll also look at how they have used Instagram in their career, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best from the likes of Sergio Aguero, Giorgio Chiellini, Andrea Pirlo and Mario Mandzukic.

In the first part of our look at this list, we’ll compare the best Italian football players in the category of “favorites”.

We’ve taken into account the following criteria: a player’s career, his social media profile, his Instagram account, his playing time, his popularity on Instagram, and the number of followers he has on the platform.

We’ve also compared them to their footballers from the last four years in the same category: the “Best XI” or “FIFA World XI”.

The list is based on data from FIFA’s “Best Players Index”. 

If a player doesn’t make the cut in the “favourites” category, he will be omitted from our list. 

Here are the players in our “Best Player Index” list for 2016-17:

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