When the grocery store closes, what happens next?

Local print shops are the best way to find and shop locally, said Scott Eberhardt, owner of the Westbury Paper Co., which opened a store in Westbury in June.

“If you want to go to a grocery store and they’re not open, that’s fine.

But if they’re open, you should get there and do it.”

But if you want a local grocery store to stay open, he said, you have to visit a chain store.

“You have to take advantage of what the grocery industry has to offer, whether it’s local ingredients, the quality of ingredients, quality of service,” he said.

The chain stores offer the convenience and quality of a traditional grocery store.

They also offer a healthier option than many other grocery stores.

“It’s like a second life, and you can go to any other supermarket, or a pharmacy, or whatever you want,” Eberhart said.

When it’s closed, Eberhard said, “it’s going to be hard to find anywhere to go.”

It is hard to get ahold of the new grocery store, said Steve Mott, a retired grocery store manager who owns a Westbury business called Market Cider and Vine.

“People are going to shop in grocery stores because it’s convenient and there’s convenience to go out and find food.

But that convenience is gone,” he told the WSJ.

“There’s no longer a place for you to go and have your fill of food, but they’re going to go in there and they’ll be able to make a few bucks off that.”

He said he will be able see his employees when the chain stores open, and he’ll still be able find a place to shop for his own items.

The stores, which include a pharmacy and a pharmacy supply store, will be a huge hit in the local community.

“They’re going, ‘You’re a big hit in my neighborhood and I’m going to open a chain grocery store,'” he said of the stores.

But the chain chain stores are a hard sell in the grocery stores where people have tried to find them, said Brian Wiedeman, owner and CEO of the local paper chain, Westbury Post.

He said the chain outlets are a better option for the community.

He noted that many people do want a grocery shop.

“I do have people come up to me at the grocery market and say, ‘I want to buy the newspaper, or the magazine, or I want to pay for the rent,'” he told WSJ, referring to a market.

“But I also get people who want to do it in the convenience of a paper store.

That’s the alternative.”

WSJ: What are the big problems with local paper stores?

article By and large, grocery stores are filling their local markets with fresh food, and some stores also offer delivery, which is the practice of taking products from the shelves and putting them in refrigerators or frozen bags.

“The big problem with grocery stores is that they’re filled with the same things that the big chains have,” said Mike Sacks, owner/CEO of Wiedemann, a local paper store chain.

He cited the fact that most grocery stores have a few grocery items that aren’t really that popular, like meat and dairy products, and that are often packaged in containers.

“This is a huge issue in the community,” he added.

Wiedemer said many of the chains in his area have tried a few new ways to address the local grocery stores problem.

“We’re trying to build a grocery network that’s going around and partnering with other stores that we don’t have to share the same shelves with,” he explained.

The grocery stores will have a lot of products, but the biggest problem is not being able to get those products to market, he added, noting that they often don’t sell anything at all.

“That’s not going to happen,” he pointed out.

But with the availability of local produce, Wiedemsansons said, there are still some things the chain chains can offer.

He pointed to the fact the chain supermarkets offer the option of purchasing produce directly from farmers markets, which helps make the grocery shopping experience more convenient.

The other issue is that the stores have closed down, meaning the stores are going out of business, Wiesemansons explained.

He also pointed to a local chain chain, the Easton Grocery, which has been in the market since its inception, which will be closing its doors in June 2019.

Wieseman said that if the chains don’t close, he expects that many of his neighbors will have no choice but to close their stores as well.

“What you’re going with is going to have a much greater impact on local communities than if it were to close down,” he noted. 

WSJ article

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