When is the last time you heard about a printer test?

On Wednesday, the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) published a press release announcing the launch of a new tool designed to help photographers test printers and scanners.

The NPPA’s test website is the first to offer a “quick-check” feature to photographers that can help photographers quickly test printers or scanners.

This is a first for the NPPA, and NPPA founder Joe Nocera explained to TechCrunch why the new test tool is important.

The test site, which was built with a new, web-based platform called Photofocus, has been designed specifically for photographers who are working with printers and cameras.

NPPA CEO Nick O’Neil said that it is aimed at helping photographers get more out of their testing.

“Photofocus is an essential tool for photographers to have access to,” O’Neill said.

“If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s basically like a digital camera that has been modified to take photos in the darkroom and then it can be tested with an optical microscope.

It has a lot of features that help photographers get a better understanding of the print quality.”

While it’s certainly a nice concept, NPPA has struggled to find a solution for the widespread practice of printing on the same print as a scanner.

This has resulted in a number of negative side effects: for example, some photographers have reported that scanners don’t scan the correct colors or that the scanner’s scanner print isn’t as clean as the printer’s.

Another problem is that many people do not know how to read a scanner print, and that can cause confusion for the consumer.

The NPPA is working with print-to-digital (P2D) technology companies to bring in the test site’s functionality.

The new test site is also being rolled out in other parts of the country.

The APA is looking to expand the test to other parts and regions of the world.

In the meantime, the NPBA is also testing the functionality of a more comprehensive tool, the Photofile, to help make sure that photographers have access and can make accurate measurements with their cameras.

The Photofice, as it’s called, is a scanner that has a built-in digital camera and a digital projector.

It will also be available in the fall.

NPAA president and CEO Joe Nucera explained that Photofilers will be able to use the Photfile to quickly test and compare their cameras and scanners, but also to take a look at the quality of prints.

“We’re excited to partner with Photofiliesthe Photofitesthe test site to help the Photographic Industry get a handle on what is actually happening with printers,” Nocario said.

For more on the future of printers and scanner tests, check out TechCrunch’s feature on the issue.

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