‘We will not be allowed to enter your home’: Parents say ‘the whole world will know’ about the ‘fake news’ attack

A Delhi mother has told how her son and a friend were told by the government not to enter their home to get a “fake news” story that was spread by social media.

“We told them to get in the back of our van and we would not be able to get to the house,” Rakesh said, adding that the whole world would know about it.

A few days after the story broke on Facebook, the “Fake News” Facebook page was deleted by the social media platform.

Rakeshi said she and her friend, a Delhi-based lawyer, tried to enter the house only to be denied entry.

“I tried to say we were not entering the house because the police is here.

They said it is the law and there is no need for us to enter.

I told them that if we had been inside, they would have let us in.

But they said we could not go inside,” she said.

“They were saying, ‘Don’t go inside.

We are trying to prevent the spread of fake news’,” she added.

The “Fake news” Facebook account that was used to spread the “fake” story has since been deleted.

In a statement, the Indian government said that “all information published by the Government of India through the Internet is the responsibility of the Government”.

“The government will not allow any such act of any individual or entity to disrupt the normal functioning of the Indian state,” it added.

Ramesh, a former employee of the government, said that he is worried that “people will spread false news and fake news will be used by people to do harm to the country”.

The social media platforms “have been in this position before.

We will not accept any fake news, or any misleading or false news,” Rameshi said.

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