Rollo label printers to help make animal prints more affordable and accessible

Rollo, a printer maker, has signed a deal with the Humane Society of the United States to help it bring printed animal prints to the United Kingdom.

The company is working with the nonprofit to offer a $5 print option that would include a print of a small cat or dog or a small dog and a small mouse, and also a print for an elephant or giraffe.

The prints will be available at local pet shops and online retailers.

The print option will be part of a partnership with the group, which has been working to bring printed animals to the U.K. since 2013.

“These animals are a precious asset and are a part of the fabric of our society,” Rollo president David Bier said in a statement.

“It is our belief that print-on-demand is a viable way to bring these animals into our communities and provide a viable alternative to other methods.”

A few print options exist at this time, but the Humane Societe has been exploring a few more, according to Rollo spokeswoman Caroline Pomerance.

The company is looking at ways to offer print options for small animals as well.

“We know that animals are loved and cherished, and that we have a responsibility to ensure their wellbeing and that they are given the attention and care they deserve,” Pomerant said.

The nonprofit says print prints for dogs are cheaper and easier to make, and the printed animal print is smaller and easier than an animal print made by hand.

Rollo has been manufacturing animal prints for years, and Pomerances statement said that the company had begun work with the animal print printing industry after years of searching for a suitable partner.

“Rollo is the only printer company in the world with an agreement with the UHWS to produce print on demand animal prints, and we are delighted to be a part-owner of their print-to-order initiative,” Pompers statement read.

“The partnership between Rollo and the Humane Sous chef, the Humane Humane Society and our partner animal print supplier will enable us to further advance the work of the organization and to help animal lovers around the world have a more affordable alternative to traditional print on-demand printing,” the statement continued.

Pomerance said that while the Humane Sociale’s print prints would cost a little more than a traditional print, they would be more affordable.

“A print on your doorstep is just $5.

But that print costs a lot of money to make,” Pomers statement said.

“The print will be a perfect way to celebrate animals, and for people to have the prints on their walls, too.”

Development Is Supported By

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