Prusa 3D printer in trouble, a local startup wants to fix it

The Prusa, one of the world’s most popular 3D printers, is struggling in a local market in Taiwan after a supplier of the printer, Cricut, ran afoul of a new local law that prohibits selling printers to residents without a license.

Cricut said on Thursday that the printers are being removed from its premises and that its employees would be suspended without pay.

Taiwanese media reported that Cricute said it would not immediately respond to the report.

Criut said it has more than 200 3D printing facilities in the country and that it would seek a license from the government to sell its printers there, although its license is limited to a limited number of factories.

It did not immediately reply to requests for comment on Thursday.

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Law was passed last year and requires that local manufacturers must have a license to manufacture and sell printers.

Local media reported earlier this month that Criut has been in talks with local printers to have its printers available for sale.

The local printers that Crisut supplies are used by a number of Taiwanese companies, including the Taipei-based electronics company Sharp, as well as electronics firm Foxconn.

Foxconn, which has factories in the United States and China, said in November that it was suspending production at its facilities in Taiwan and would halt all sales of the printers.

In March, Foxconn announced plans to move production of its printers to the US, saying the new facilities would boost the competitiveness of its products in the global marketplace.

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