How to make a 3d printer model of the Israeli embassy in Tehran

An Israeli 3d model of Tehran’s embassy in Jerusalem was produced in a digital printing studio by a group of students from the Tel Aviv University and was exhibited at the Tel Aviv Science Festival on Tuesday.

The 3D model, a collaboration between students at Tel Aviv, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (TIZ) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, shows a room full of furniture, walls, walls of books, and shelves, with some of the books in Arabic and English.

In the background, a picture of the Iranian embassy in Tel Aviv is shown.

According to the project, the 3D printer model was produced by the students, using 3D printing equipment that can print a single object at up to 50 centimeters (15 inches).

According to a statement by the Technivision Center for Techno-Synthesis, the students were “working on an article on Iranian history and the history of Iran and the future of its future.”

The 3d printed model of Iran’s embassy is the result of a joint project between the Techni Union of Technicians of the Middle East and Tel Aviv’s Technion Technology University, a joint venture of the Technio-Syndicate.

In addition to the students and their students, several other artists, journalists, and students from other universities participated in the project.

The students’ project also includes a digital model of one of the buildings that is being reconstructed in Tehran.

According the Technia Techni Center for Technology, the building is being renovated, which will make it possible to print the building in an easier way.

Iran’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is also collaborating with the Technis.

Development Is Supported By

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