How the BBC got rid of its print editions

New Scientist 3rd Nov 2017 by Michael Trewes article With the print editions of Science, Nature and the Sunday Times all out of print, a handful of journals have stepped in to fill the void.

The aim is to give readers access to scientific information they might not otherwise have.

The BBC’s flagship science newsmagazine, the Science, will now run print editions in the next few years.

The Times, which is the BBC’s oldest and most venerable magazine, will continue to publish a print edition, but the magazine’s digital edition will also become available in the spring.

The new online edition, which will also be available as a podcast, will be a hybrid of both the printed and digital versions of the magazine.

“The print edition is the default,” says Mark McAllister, head of technology and business development at Science, in a press release.

“We are making sure that readers can go online to see the latest research.

And in the digital environment, we are offering the latest and most exciting content, from cutting-edge physics to the latest discoveries in the field of nanotechnology.”

The online version will have more than 30,000 articles from the magazine and other scientists, plus news, opinion and commentary.

The Science team is also building an online platform called The Science Centre, which they hope will be used to connect scientists to one another and to publishers.

It is a joint venture between Science, the British Broadcasting Corporation and Thomson Reuters.

The team behind the new online editions say it will be up to each of these organisations to decide how the content is presented and the way in which it is displayed.

They are also planning to make sure that people accessing the online version can search for scientific articles.

For some, however, the news will be more important than the content.

“I’m a scientist who has to get the science right, and I’m not particularly interested in what the BBC has to say about the science, so I’m probably not going to give it a go,” says Andrew Jones, a biologist and environmental economist at the University of Exeter, who has been using the new Science edition.

“But for me, it’s really important to have the news in front of me and to be able to use the science I have.”

What will be included?

Scientific articles will be published alongside other content.

The magazine will publish news and commentary on all the latest science and technology developments and will have a number of features, including an extensive list of the leading research papers in the journal.

This is likely to include a large amount of the work of the Nobel Prize-winning US team that produced the most widely used gene-editing tool in history, CRISPR.

The content will also include a full index of articles in other disciplines and research projects.

In addition, the online edition will include a section on how to access the latest developments in the fields of astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry and biology, as well as a section dedicated to the research on gene-sequencing technology, or gene-splicing.

The website will also have a section for scientists interested in making their publications available online.

The news will also feature news on events and developments in science, including new research and discoveries in new areas such as cancer, stem cells, climate change, the Zika virus, and more.

How do you access the new version of Science?

The Science website will not appear in the UK, but it will still be available to download as a free PDF.

The online edition of the BBC will be available for free download as well, but will be hosted on a separate site called ScienceCentral.

The print edition will be open to the public on the BBC iPlayer and the BBC website.

The main difference is that, instead of using a traditional print edition of Science which can be purchased at newsagents and libraries, the new edition will instead be delivered as a PDF file, and can be downloaded as an eBook, for use by people who do not have a subscription.

How long will it take to get access to the new versions?

The new editions will be distributed through a range of channels, including subscription boxes, online retailers and on the iPlayer.

The first of these is the subscription boxes.

These will offer a free one-week trial period, which covers the first month, of the subscription.

The remaining subscription boxes will offer an unlimited subscription, which lasts for a maximum of 30 days.

However, they will not be able do a trial for people who are paying for the subscription, and therefore are not eligible for the trial.

The trial will be limited to two users, and the two will be the same person each time.

Once they sign up, the person who subscribed will receive their first copy of the new editions in April 2019.

The subscription boxes can be found at

What else does the new BBC Science version have?

It will also contain an interactive online learning section, which shows how to use a range the new science features, such as gene-

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