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3D printer maker MakerBot announced the latest addition to its line of consumer-focused products at CES.

The company is showing off the X3, a wireless 3D-printing machine with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, along with the new X3 Pro, which it says can print larger objects.

MakerBot says the X2 and X2 Pro will be available in October for $399 and $499, respectively.

MakerBot is also showing off a new product it calls the XC-5, which is basically a new version of its popular 3D Printer, the X4.

Makerbot says it has redesigned the X5 to be smaller, lighter and more efficient than the X6, and to allow it to print larger parts and parts with different thicknesses.

Makerbot says its new XC series printer is a much faster, lighter, more efficient printer, which should help it cut costs.

Makerbots XC 5X3 (left) and XC5X3X3, right, both offer the same capabilities as the X1, but come in different versions.

Makerbots X1X1 (left), X1 and X1 X2X2 (right)The XC line of printers offers a few differences from MakerBot’s older X1 printers, like its dual-axis extruder.

Maker’s new X5 printer has a single axis, which helps with accuracy and reduces the risk of damaging filament, though Makerbot has said it plans to replace that axis with a single-axis printer in the future.

The X3 comes with a battery that Makerbot said it has been using for several years, but its other new printers also have a built-out battery.

Maker says the battery in the X7 can last for six hours, and that the battery of the X9 is expected to last up to three weeks.

The MakerBot X3 can print out objects in the 1-inch (25 millimeters) range, Maker says.

Maker claims that the X8 and X9 printers will be “the best 3D printers available for the masses” and that its competitors will soon be copying the X series.

The makers of the MakerBot Y1, MakerBot XL and X series all have the same hardware, but each printer comes with different features.

Maker says the new printers can print objects up to 1,200 millimeters (6.7 inches) in thickness.

Maker has also upgraded its printer to offer a dual-core CPU and four USB ports, but the company says the devices will not be able to print full 3D models or create custom shapes.

Maker said its X-series of printers will start at $499 for the X-5 and X-8, which are both sold through Amazon.

It also says the $499 X-9 will come with the same 3D printing capabilities as its other printers.

Maker said its new printers are smaller and lighter, and it’s going to make its X series thinner and lighter over time.

The new MakerBot printers are available in the United States, China, Australia, and South Korea, and Makerbot is planning to offer the X line in the UK in October.

Maker’s X3 is being marketed as the world’s first 3D scanner, and the company said it’s also looking at the idea of bringing its X5 and other printers to other markets.

Maker has not released pricing or release dates for the new devices, but Maker says its X4 and X4X3 will be coming in October, and there’s a chance it will start shipping in November.

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