A $5 million custom sticker printing project has hit the headlines in New York City

A $1 million custom stickers printing project by a man in the New York area has been the talk of the town.

The project is a response to the $5,000 per sticker charge levied against those using the $4.8 billion NYC subway system.

It is not the first time a custom sticker project has been mounted in the city.

In January, a group of artists and printers launched a new custom sticker production company, which has a new website and a website of its own, to help local businesses in New Jersey with printing custom stickers.

“This project is one of the few that has managed to achieve a quality that is truly affordable,” says Daniel Hargrove, founder and executive producer of the website, A Custom Sticker Printing Project.

“I was inspired by my previous experience with an Italian factory that had an incredible amount of experience printing custom labels for large events, and I felt that a similar approach would be possible in New Yorkers,” he says.

“My team of artists have a wealth of experience working in print shops and small businesses in the City, so they are ready to put this vision into practice.”

In the first phase of the project, the artists have worked out the logistics of printing the stickers and then moving the finished product to a facility in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In a bid to cut costs, Hargropves team is aiming for a cost of $2.99 per sticker and $1.99 for shipping.

The sticker project, which is part of a wider initiative called “NYC’s Subway Art,” is part promotional and part social project.

It aims to create awareness of the subway and the need for improved safety in the subway system and also to promote the art of stickers and the creative community in New Gotham.

Hargropve says the company hopes to make the sticker project as accessible as possible to the masses.

“The whole project is geared towards those who might be interested in a custom logo, or a sticker with a stamp on it,” he explains.

“People will be able to find out more about it via social media, or even by using the website and the app.”

He hopes to get the stickers printed by the end of the year, though the company is working on a number of logistical issues that would need to be worked out before the stickers could be produced.

“We want to make sure we get the sticker printing done right so we can get them in stores as quickly as possible,” Hargrot says.

Harmony at Work’s project is part social campaign, part social promotion.

“It’s an opportunity for us to give people something tangible, which means we can really promote the project,” Harshe says.

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