A 3D printer for the ecotanks

By Simon Tisdale | 01 January 2018 12:05:23Tristan Smith, the father of the Ecotank, will receive his Epson ECotank 3D Printer (P) in the New Year.

Mr Smith, a farmer in the Co Wicklow county, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October last year and his family decided to take the leap into 3D printing after seeing how his family’s farm was affected by the disease.

They have also decided to make the 3D printed model of their son’s home, their home for a year, a permanent fixture in their living room.

Mr and Mrs Smith, from Waterford, said they decided to open up the model of the home after reading about the Ecotsank and how it could be printed by a 3D print shop in Cork, the Irish Independent reports.

They said their family would be able to use the 3d printed model to help others who are struggling with the disease, and they hoped that the model would help them feel less alone and that they would be helping others as well.

“I was able to look at the model that they have printed on a 3d printer, and I thought, ‘I’m going to use that to make my own model’,” Mr Smith told the Independent.

“It would allow me to be more confident in how I look at myself.”

You can be a little more confident with your skin and look at your skin, which can be one of the things that you don’t know if you’re going to have cancer.

“Mr Smith said he would not be using the Ecota to make any more 3D prints but would make the model a permanent part of his family home.”

That’s what the model is all about.

It’s to give my family the confidence that I can look at it and be confident that it’s going to work and it’s a good investment for them,” he said.

Mr Stacey said he was also looking forward to getting to know the model.”

My daughter’s favourite thing is when she looks at it.

It will give her a good understanding of what I’m going for, what I want to create,” he added.”

We’re going in a different direction and we want to make it for everyone.

“People need to feel like they’re not alone, that they can feel the confidence, they can have a home that’s not just for themselves.”

The Ecotanks are 3D printers which print out 3D models of objects using a laser and a laser scanner.

Mr Sayers family are also 3D Printers and has used his father’s Ecotanking to print out a 3-D model of his home and an acrylic model of it’s walls.

Mr Murchison, who is also from Waterfield, has also made 3D model and painted his home in his mother’s style.

“If you look at what I’ve done, I’ve made my own home,” Mr Murchson told the Irish Examiner.

“So if you want to see the 3-d printed version of my home, you’ll see that there are no wires and I have a few things that are printed on it.”

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